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What is a Spring Clean Up?

Okay the winter hits and guess what?  The snow covers up the poop or it is frozen to the ground.  So there it stays until it is warm enough to remove it, sounds about right?

The problem is that sometimes the amount of poop accumulated over the winter months is overwhelming and you just don't know where to start or in some cases your stomach/nose won't allow you to continue with the job of removing it.

So that is what we do.  We come, we conquer the "poop" removal and take it away if you wish us to do so.  It is simple as that.  It is a flat rate depending on how many dogs you have, it doesn't matter what size they are, the rate is what it is.  We have the regular rate where we take the poop away or you can save 25% off our regular rates and dispose of the poop yourself, your choice.  To see the rates, CLICK HERE.

* Please note that in order to clean up all the dog waste in your yard, it must be free of snow/ice.  If a second visit is required at a later date, this cost extra.