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Our Services

We provide poop scooping services for dog owners with the option of either just scooping and bagging for you or completely removing the poop.  You have us come once a week, twice a week, three times a week, bi-weekly, monthly or just a one time clean up (We call this a Spring Clean Up but it can be any time of the year).

We do it the old fashioned way with gloves and buckets this ensures your property is not disturbed, and to be perfectly honest it is just more efficient.

New this year is our "Scoop and Scoot" service where we scoop up the poop and bag it up for you ready for disposal.  Going this route will save you 30% off our regular rates; we believe that for owners of 2-3 dogs this be a better fit for their lifestyle and budget.

Spring Clean Up is our after winter clean up when it all gets covered up or frozen in the ground.  When the thaw hits, it can be an overwhelming task to take on so we are here to help you out.  This is also known as our One Time Clean Up, what do we mean?  Maybe you have moved to a location where the owners/renters had dog(s) and the yard never got cleaned up.  You don't have a dog but you need to remove the poop so that is what this service is for as well.

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