Dog poop, it's a dirty job and we all wish they could clean up after themselves but reality is that we have to do it for them.

You want the poop gone, whether it is over-abundance of it from the winter months or on a regular basis, this is why you are here.  We started this family business back in 2007 to help dog owners keep the "poop" scooped.  We had to suspend business in 2013 but we’re back and ready to clean up the poop.

We provide regular services Monday to Friday.  Once our schedule is full, no new customers will be taken on.  Everybody wants Friday but past experience has shown that day books up fast.  No extra charges but it’s a first come, first served – once that day is fully booked we will start booking Thursday, then Wednesday and so on.  Click here to see what services are provided on Saturday and Sunday.

We have 6 services - Once A Week, Twice A Week, Three Times A Week, Bi-Weekly, Once A Month or a One Time Clean-Up (Also known as the Spring Clean Up).  We can take the poop or leave it, see below.

SAVE SIGNIFICATELY THIS YEAR WITH OUR NEW SERVICE, our "Scoop and Scoot" service will save you 25% off our regular rates.  Click here for more information.

We can be reached at (289) 886-0624 or email us at

You can also contact us by using our handy online form, see below for link.

Imagine coming home on Friday and you have no dog poop to clean up, you can actually just enjoy your backyard.  Services start as soon as the weather permits (usually mid-April/1st week May).  Only $54 per month for 1 dog ($38 if we just scoop and bag it for you).  Click here to see if Friday is still open.

Use our handy online form to get more information or to book an appointment.

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